Can I buy online?

Not at this time. Each item is unique and in response to the availability and proper seasoning of the wood. Best to get in touch and set up an appointment to make a specific inquiry.

Can you ship something to me?

Sure. Once you arrange for a purchase, shipping can be planned. Local pickups are preferred.

I see some birdhouses come with birds or other animals, do these come separately?

Jim makes the birdhouses and sources the glass birds from a craftsperson in Delaware. Birds are affixed to the birdhouses, and not sold separately. You can contact that retailer directly for all manner of finely made glass animals of every sort. (Not just birds!)

What makes the red streaks in the box elder wood?

A keen eye! Most attribute the bright red that appears in products made from box elder to the box elder beetle that as it eats through the wood, leaves a trail of brilliant crimson. It will stay red as long as you keep the item out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, it may fade.

I'd like to come by and see a bowl before purchasing.

Great. That's the way to do it. Call or email and make an appointment to visit Jim and see the items in the shop. The West Chester location is very accessible from 202, Route 100, and Route 30.

Are the bowls and kitchen items safe for food?

Yes. Most all are treated with food safe sealer or wax. Bowls are safe for using to hold food and wooden spoons are ideal for stirring, etc.

I have something I need, but I don't see it on the site.

Well, chances are if it's out there, Jim can make it. Give a call and find out. He doesn't have a lot of time for custom orders, but is always happy to try to meet your needs. He also sets up at craft shows and fairs in the area, so you can try to catch him there, too.



Still have questions? Get in touch.